Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hip Hop in Retrospect: Aug 30, 1990 [HHNW]

I had never listened to Cool C before I decided to start this post. The first song I looked up was Agony of Defeat off of his second and last solo album Life in the Ghetto. Life in the Ghetto was released on Atlantic (yea they actual RELEASED albums at one point) on August 30, 1990 it had 16 tracks on it and the first one I listened to was Agony of Defeat and within the first 10 second I had to do some research. He starts the track off by saying, “Remember the Juice Crew diss?” and I’m thinking, “No, I don’t” so I decided to look into it. The Juice Crew Diss was on his first album I Gotta Habit, on that track he was just speaking on where he think they got their style from (Philly) and speaking on how he could rock the mic better. It was because of that track people started to pay attention to him, which in some cases is standard when a new artist comes in the game going after people who have made a place for them-selves in hip-hop. To me it sounded like a generic hip-hop album from that time period, no tracks really stand out and his delivery is pretty much the same throughout the album. With that said the album isn’t bad I just don’t think you should keep it in the plastic if you come across it in a record shop or find the CD in a bin.
Star of the Show is my favorite (out of the 6 that I listened to) on the album.
I looked to see if Cool C was still making music or started a record label, but he hasn’t music is probably the last of his concerns now. Currently Cool C is on death row (not the label) for: First-degree murder, bank robbery, and grand larceny. He was sentenced to death on December 13, 1996 but his execution was put on hold until the litigation from his appeals is over. He is currently living out his sentence on the row at Pennsylvania’s State Correctional Institution at Greene where he is still fighting the charges.

Cool C - Star of the Show - Life in the Ghetto Released: August 30, 1990
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