Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hip Hop in Retrospect: Sept 6, 1990 [HHNW]

MTV debuted in 1981 with intentions of bringing music to the public in a new format, video (and we all know that killed the radio star). It was the station for music of a new generation with videos, cool "relate-able" VJ's (video jockeys), and a famous face every now and then. MTV was the channel that teens and young-adults loved but also one for those who came from a previous generation of music to hate, but you would think they forgot about the time when disco was Satan.
3 years after the networks debut it broke more ground by creating its own award show, the MTV Music Awards. It was here Madonna wore her "Boy Toy" belt, garter and wedding gown while she rolled around on the floor singing Like A Virgin, you can't tell me that's not a good way to start your first annual award show. The performance is classic of course but it also gave people more reason to why censorship on music is needed, if they thought this young white girl was bad for family values and house-hold standards it should more than explain why 2 Live Crew was constantly attacked for their content. 6 years later the same network would be shown just how far the censorship battle would go at the 1990 VMA's held on September 6th at the Universal Amphitheater in Los Angeles. Many of the artist [Queen Latifah, Steven Tyler (of Aerosmith)] who were there that night spoke up for their right to free speech and one of the performers that night was 2 Live Crew who appropriately decide to do their song Banned in the USA. There was another hip-hop performance that night by MC Hammer who did U Can't Touch This and that showed the one side of hip-hop that most of America could deal with, but 2 Live Crew is a whole 'nother force. By this time they had already released Me So Horny(1989), a #1 on Billboard even though it had lack of radio spins because of the objectionable subject matter. This performance had to have meant even more because of that, 2 Live Crew wanted it to be known they understand not everyone likes rap-music, their lyrics, or them, and just because of those opinions music shouldn't be censored . The lyrics let you know 2 Live aren't clueless to what’s going on; IT'S POLITICS with both MTV and in congress. Kid Ice states it clear within the first verse "Corrupted politicians playing games, bringing us down to boost their fame."

2 Live Crew Performed - Banned in the USA on September 6, 1990 at the VMA's in Los Angeles
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