Monday, November 26, 2007

Circa promised

first off heres the pics.. Circa Show Pictures

so the doors opened at 6:30 i got there at six thinking im gonna be the first of maybe 20 well i ended up being the first of triple that, so we all ended up waiting (i was by myself this run) random conversations yada, yada. so they finally let us in at 640 and i rush to the front and i have a nice spot the whole show next to this one kid who was talking a mean "mosh" game , but when it got down to it he didn't deliver.

So of course Circa didn't come on till last first up was The fear Before the March of Flames, I've never heard of them but they had a nice set and everything was on point and during one song Anthony Green (Lead Voice of Circa Survive) made a cameo on one of their songs , then after them came The Dear Hunter, I've heard of them but but never gave them a chance, but the live performance was cool then after that was the next band before Circa called Ours. They are a New York based band who've been doing music for twenty year and just never got that "main stream exposure" but i give them mad kudos to have for doing their shit for that long.
And by the time they got on people were getting restless and couldn't wait for Circa so some started throwing things and yelling "you suck!" now i couldnt wait any longer either but i cant dis-respect people (music wise at least) who are doing something that they love even if I'm not into them cause it means something to them. during their set i met 2 chill people who were there just for them they kept saying how everyone else is so much younger and how amazing these guys were and that their like the "oldest people there." and in there they were mad cool though, i kept telling them to stay for Circa cause they never heard them before but after Ours got off stage i think they left.

then finally as i put it Circa came on stage and the seas parted, they performed "Act Appalled" first and as soon as it came on the crowds energy just released and became a sea of human bodys just attacking each other to get closer to the stage and some just Circa bodies were mashed together people were sweating it was amazing. I have never in my life felt so good with that many people around me(no orgies counted) but it wasn't from and the boobs on my back hands on my ass and other body parts(no homo) it was just the sheer energy that everyone had when the songs came on, AG's crowd presence is amazing he gets in the crowd and just is there and man it was dope i had a front stage spot for that, the one things i always say about this guy is that his vocals are just a beast like it's seriously a trance inducing voice.
People were constantly jumping on stage to get a hug(and one guys got a kiss) from him but security was grabbing them left and right some were jumping on stage getting a hug dancing then jump back in the crowd before security could catch them it was so dope. Then to top of the night the last song was your friends are gone man that was just the best way to end it, we all cheered for an encore but it didn't happen we were still happy none the less, and i cant wait till they come back.

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