Thursday, November 1, 2007

Maybe they are Real?

so if you have a picture showing screen some where in your house im 80% sure you have seen the new iPhone commercials with people saying how they lives are so much better with the
  • Poisonous Device,well i thought all that was just hired actors pushing another one of pop cultures favorite technological brands, but it turns out they might be real people. now being me(and having nothing else to do) i Google'd this one lady from one of their commercial and turns out she actually has a
  • Site , which is actually quite a good site if you are intrigued by ballet(which i am). now when i first glanced at the commercial i thought it was all hired actors(as stated) and simulated images or a made up fictional site at best to show off the iPhones not to many(unless you use 3rd parties apps) features, but marketing team at apple you have done it again thumbs up. now even though that one turned out to be legit, i'm still not convinced with the other 3 but i guess 1 out of 4 ain't bad.
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