Saturday, November 17, 2007

INTIMACY(h u m a n p e o p l e)

this Site has been on my favorites list for the longest.

its amazing photography of people who just happen to be naked. i have a problem calling stuff like this porn, others might see differ but i call it photos of people who just happen to be naked. I once heard someone say the difference between porn and art is light, it was said in a humorous way but maybe that is the divide line to me its all in the intention. The way the photos were taken the subjects are naked which is a persons most vulnerable time and some of the were taking during and after sex which is really when the porn or art question comes in to play. But anyway this was not my intent to justify cupped breast or a condom full of cum as art or porn. My MO was to tell you about some eye pleasing images of the human body enjoy.

f.y.i:some of my favorites are the 'sponsor gallery' unfortunately that site isnt around any more, gallery;9, g;29, g;31. not to say the rest arent good but just some of my favorites(that i can remember).

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